Solutions to Some Common Problems Surrounding Vertical Blinds

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Blinds have become a favourite alternative to traditional window curtains since these are convenient as well as available in the widest range possible. Vertical blinds are adorning windows for many years now. They add the class to a room as well as ensure privacy. However, there can be some common issues associated with vertical blinds which can interfere with the mechanism of the blinds. This article has discussed the common problems with vertical blinds and also the solutions for them.

Place to hang: Vertical blinds would look good almost in any window. However, it may cause some trouble when hanged in some special type of windows. Sliding doors and French windows can interfere with the mechanism of vertical blinds and can also damage slats.

Similarly, the moisture present in the atmosphere of the bathroom can cause moulds and mildew to form on the slats, making vertical blinds an unwise choice for bathroom window decoration. Hence, you may need to choose vertical blinds that are water resistant. Further, when it comes to privacy, vertical blinds are not the best choice.

Damages: Any article would suffer wear and tear with time and vertical blinds aren't different. If the slats have got damaged you may have to replace them. Also at times the slats may require realignment to raise and lower the blinds properly. To realign the slats, remove the vertical blind from its panel and adjust the pulling rope, so that there is no slack. This will correct any odd angle in the vertical blinds.

Maintenance: Like any other form of blinds, vertical blinds too tend to gather dust and dirt quite easily. Hence, maintenance is important in keeping the vertical blinds in workable condition. Cleaning vertical blinds however may pose serious difficulties before the homeowners. One good way to clean vertical blind is to remove it completely from the panel, dip it is soap solution and hang it back to the window for drip dry. With proper maintenance you can make the blinds last longer and retain crispness. As an alternative you can also introduce wooden vertical blinds, which require minimum maintenance and also last longer. You can clean wooden vertical blinds by simply wiping them with damp cloth.

Privacy: When it comes to ensure privacy, vertical blinds are often not the best choice. The slats tend to shift even with mildest wind and hence exposing the interior of the room. Vertical blinds therefore should be avoided in bedroom where both blocking the sun light and maintaining privacy are two primary concerns.

Obstructing views: Vertical blinds can obstruct the outside view since they bunch up at the end of the window and hence an unwise choice for garden and picture windows. You can deal with this problem by choosing the right type vertical blinds that would give maximum exposure.

Vertical blinds can make a perfect choice for just about any window if you take care of the minor issues that may arise with these blinds. These are sleek and modern and let the homeowner add class to his room.

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